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    Air Sleeping Pad (Built-in Pillow)

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    Stay comfortable while sleeping outdoors with this air mattress sleeping pad. It comes complete with an integrated foot pump, adjustable firmness, and built-in pillows for convenience and comfort. The included pump allows you to quickly inflate the mattress pad with minimal effort, and the adjustable firmness allows you to customize your camping experience.

    Product Overview:

    1. Convenient and Compact: Easily foldable and space-saving design allows for effortless placement and quick deflation, making it highly portable and easy to carry.
    2. Durable 40D Nylon Material: Crafted from environmentally friendly and resilient 40D nylon fabric, ensuring both beauty and durability. The fabric is moisture-proof and provides excellent heat insulation for added comfort.
    3. Versatile Color Options: Carefully curated color choices make this sleeping pad stand out in any season and location, ensuring that it remains visually appealing wherever you go.
    4. Built-in Air Pump: Equipped with a built-in air pump, this sleeping pad can be inflated instantly without the need for additional inflation tools, simplifying the setup process.

    Unmatched Comfort: The Air Sleep features a premium inflatable design that contours to your body, providing optimal support and cushioning for a restful night's sleep. The included pillows offer additional comfort, ensuring you wake up refreshed and ready to conquer the day's adventures.

    Ultralight and Compact: Weighing in at just a few pounds, the AirSleep+ is ultralight and incredibly portable. It folds down to a compact size, allowing you to effortlessly pack it into your backpack or travel bag. Say goodbye to bulky sleeping pads and hello to lightweight convenience.

    Easy Inflation and Deflation: With the included air pump, you can quickly and easily inflate the Air Sleep to your desired firmness. The one-way valve ensures hassle-free inflation, while the deflation valve allows for effortless packing and storage. Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the great outdoors.

    Versatile and Durable: Built to withstand rugged terrains, the Air Sleep is made from durable materials that resist tears, punctures, and abrasions. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or embarking on a multi-day trek, this sleeping pad will be your reliable companion, providing comfort and insulation night after night.

    Enhance Your Outdoor Experience: The Air Sleep takes your camping adventures to new heights. Experience the joy of sleeping under the stars while enjoying the luxury of a comfortable bed. Whether you're a solo backpacker or sharing a tent with loved ones, this versatile inflatable mattress ensures a good night's sleep for all.


    Unleash Your Nomadic Spirit: Embrace the freedom of the great outdoors and let the Air Sleep accompany you on your adventurous journeys. Elevate your camping experience with its exceptional blend of comfort, portability, and durability.

    Invest in Quality, Embrace Adventure: opt for the Air Sleep by Nomadic Adventure and unlock endless nights of restful sleep and invigorating mornings amidst nature's embrace. Embrace the nomadic spirit, explore new horizons, and awaken your senses with every thrilling adventure.

    Important Note: The Air Sleep is more than just a sleeping pad; it's a catalyst for creating unforgettable memories. As you embark on outdoor escapades, we urge you to abide by Leave No Trace principles and cherish and respect the natural environments you explore.

    Maximum load: 160kg
    Specification (length * width): 190*60
    Color: navy blue, army green, dark blue, royal blue, orange
    Length: 190*60
    Hammock surface material: composite fabric

    Package Content:

    1*Inflatable sleeping pad

    Elevate Your Outdoor Slumber: Discover the epitome of comfort and convenience with the AirSleep+. Specially designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this inflatable mattress ensures an unparalleled sleep experience during your camping, hiking, and trekking adventures. Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature while enjoying the utmost relaxation and rejuvenation.



    Customer Reviews

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    Cheap Price Amazing Goods

    Sarah H.

    Very good inflatable mat. Compact and very lightweight. Assembled and folded in 5 minutes. It is comfortable and warm to sleep on it.

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