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    Menstrual Relief Pad

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    Designed specifically for menstrual pain relief, period electric heating pads offer targeted heat therapy. Powered by electricity, these pads come with adjustable temperature settings to provide personalized comfort. By applying the pad to the lower abdomen or pelvic area, you can relax muscles, enhance blood flow, and alleviate pain and tension commonly experienced during menstruation. These pads offer a convenient and effective solution for temporary relief from period cramps.

    1. Use period electric heating pads safely by following manufacturer instructions to prevent burns or skin irritation.
    2. Some pads offer convenient features like automatic shut-off timers and washable covers for added convenience and hygiene.
    3. Consult a healthcare professional for severe or persistent menstrual pain to explore other treatment options tailored to your needs.

    Reusable and Cost-Effective: Many Menstrual Relief Pads are reusable, allowing you to use them multiple times, which can be a cost-effective solution compared to disposable heat patches or other pain relief methods

    😊 Guaranteed to relieve period cramps
    💕 Reduces bloating
    ✨ Painless and Non-toxic
    👚 Unnoticeable under clothing

      Product details:

    •  Every package comes with
    •  Menstrual Relief Pad
    •  Power Cable + Extension Chord
    •  Instructions
    •  Free Menstrual Care E-Book
    •  Portable battery pack purchased separately

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Sarah H.

    Very comfortable you can wear it under your clothing at work or at home. Battery charge fast.

    Samantha G.

    It’s amazing and super easy to use

    Richelle F.

    Perfect temperature soothes pain

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